Image Credit: Lucy Foster

Black Lake (O’er Spleen’s Discord), 2020

Duration: 19.41

Video, sound, soil, water, black iron oxide, theatre curtains

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I’d like to thank everyone who gave their time and effort freely without second thought. Firstly Sarah Faraone, Sasha Geyer, Ruby Kerrison, Scarlett McClure and Jack Tamblyn for getting muddied in the freezing cold and for their patience over many amateur choir sessions. Lawson Fletcher for ongoing guidance and incredible manifestation of the work before it even existed. Giuseppe Faraone for mastering the audio, in which without would have truly made the work discordant. Samuel Buckingham for additional lighting, camera and emotional support, as well as the creation of this website to house the work. And finally, Claire Lambe, Mark Shorter, James Nguyen, Archie Barry and Debris Facility for their space making, feedback and console throughout this fucked up year.